Spelunking in the Mind of a Mess: Darin Latimer on his Deathless-ness

Self-proclaimed ‘restaurant guy’, scrappy collector, writer and untrained artist, Darin Latimer is stepping into the public eye for his first, and might we say, long awaited, gallery show. Deathless-ness: 10,000 Works (Eyes & Teeth Dept.) is a show informed by Latimer’s life-long obsessions on collecting from open spaces, writing, and one charismatic nod to aContinue reading “Spelunking in the Mind of a Mess: Darin Latimer on his Deathless-ness”

2016 – Within Art and Buddhism-A studio visit with Diane Christiansen

Diane Christiansen is a Chicago based artist whose work has been shown throughout the United States and in Europe. Her practices include painting, drawing, animation, and collaborative installations. Her new collaboration piece Birth Death Breath, an Inflatable Object is currently showing in the Elmhurst Art Museum. Diane Christiansen In Her Studio. Image Credit: Yingting Cui Cui:Continue reading “2016 – Within Art and Buddhism-A studio visit with Diane Christiansen”

2016 – An Interview with Photographer Daniel Gamez

Daniel Gamez is a Chicago-based artist, photographer. His works are currently being shown in I,Be –  A Poets & Artists Magazine exhibition curated by Janice Bond at Elephant Room Gallery’s Bridgeport location. I, Be is a group show associated with identity. For his series Homeless, Please Help, Daniel Gamez interviewed homeless people in Chicago andContinue reading “2016 – An Interview with Photographer Daniel Gamez”