Kimberly Leja Atwood, Co-Owner & Curator

Photo Credit: Mariah Naella of King & Opal

Kimberly is co-owner and curator at Elephant Room Gallery where she focuses on building strong connections between artists, collectors and the community. She is also an Artist Manager for Dovie Golden, Jennifer Cronin and Abraham. She received a BFA in Photography & Video from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2006, opened up the gallery in 2009, and continues to grow and evolve in her work with the gallery, artists and free-lance photography.

Taylor Imel, Blog Contributor


Raised in small town Indiana, Taylor moved to Chicago at 18 to pursue theater. She earned a B.A. in Acting with a minor in Creative Nonfiction from Columbia College in 2018. During her college years, she worked as an intern for Kim at The Elephant Room and just never left. She is incredibly appreciative of all of the artists she has gotten to know and support.

Taylor is an actress, essayist, and photographer. Alongside Elephant Room, she is currently a blog writer for the theater section of Scapi Magazine. Her personal project is a manuscript on the life and death of her grandmother which includes a study of catholicism, travel, and ancestry. Taylor is a devout plant mom who enjoys hefty breakfasts, her nephews, good reads you would never guess. In her spare time, she works to create fine art with oil paint, black ink, pastel and sketching. In the future, she’d like to dabble in mosaic tiling.

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