Our Team

Kimberly Atwood, Co-Owner & Curator


Born and raised in the Chicago area, Kimberly received her BFA in Photography & Video from the University of Illinois in 2006. Seeing fellow artists struggle to find homes for their work, and experiencing those hardships firsthand inspired Kimberly to create an art scene that was accessible. Since then, her goal has been to foster a sense of community and empowerment in Chicago-based artists. She aims to shed light on artists who may be underrepresented, and nurture the conversation between community and artist.

More recently, Kim is excited to bring international work into the gallery, and with it a broader exchange of ideas. When Kimberly’s not working in the Elephant Room, you can find her photographing some of her artist friends and spending time with her two young sons, creating and exploring.

Our Interns


Rassa Khalili (°1993, Tehran, Iran) is currently an intern at Elephant Room Gallery and Gallery 400. She obtained her BFA from The School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago with an emphasis in Curatorial Studies. In her practice, she creates conceptual artworks, multi media art installations and social experiments. By applying a wide variety of contemporary strategies, Khalili plays with the idea of the functionality of an artwork confronted with the power of a transitory appearance and the ephemerality of its nature. She currently lives and works in Chicago.


Taylor Imel is currently a junior at Columbia College, pursuing her BA in Acting with a minor in Creative Nonfiction Writing. Her art, in all forms, focuses on a person’s story and how their past influences their present. She is excited to be interning with the Elephant Room and getting to know local fine artists and their scene in Chicago. You can find out what she’s up to lately on her blog, taylorkimel.wordpress.com


Ying Cui (b.1994 Beijing) is a Chicago based artist currently studying at the School of the Art Institute. Many of Cui’s works are based on first generation immigration experience. The embedded water in her work represents “melting pot” between continents accompanies with the force of silence and dissolve. Immigrants are stuck into it, with no acceptance from both sides of the culture. Her work has been shown in Second Life Rainbow Gallery. She works often creating through photography, video, new media and sculpture. Recently, she started working on projects associated with The Great Fire Wall of China.