Interview with Delisha McKinney

1. What are your first memories of creating art?  I have memories as far back as being unborn. I can remember how I got my finger prints lol… from finger painting on the walls of my mother’s womb… and then carrying that same behavior to her apartment walls. 2. How has your work evolved overContinue reading “Interview with Delisha McKinney”

Interview with Cujo Dah for “A Quarantine Daydream”

How did you begin this body of work? What brought it about?  This body of work started with several sketches and ideas I thought could become really dope paintings. As the world dramatically shifted with Covid19, racial injustice, protests, etc, so did my thoughts about what I was painting. I wanted the work to createContinue reading “Interview with Cujo Dah for “A Quarantine Daydream””

“Momma Raised a Fool; An Interview With Sentrock”

To kick off the opening of his solo sketch show, “Momma Raised a Fool”, I asked Sentrock a few questions about his newest body of work, the boy behind the bird mask, and his connection to youth arts in Chicago. (Pictured above: “Run A Muck” by Sentrock.) Tell me about the title of the show,Continue reading ““Momma Raised a Fool; An Interview With Sentrock””

“Seen and Unseen”, Newtok and Jennifer Cronin

“Seen and Unseen” takes a ‘detour’ from Cronin’s usual style of magical-meets-realism. Although she’s always precise, intricate and direct, current events in the call to action surrounding climate change were motivation to create this new body of work. In June of 2016, Cronin traveled to Newtok, Alaska after researching images in an internet rabbit hole.Continue reading ““Seen and Unseen”, Newtok and Jennifer Cronin”

Spelunking in the Mind of a Mess: Darin Latimer on his Deathless-ness

Self-proclaimed ‘restaurant guy’, scrappy collector, writer and untrained artist, Darin Latimer is stepping into the public eye for his first, and might we say, long awaited, gallery show. Deathless-ness: 10,000 Works (Eyes & Teeth Dept.) is a show informed by Latimer’s life-long obsessions on collecting from open spaces, writing, and one charismatic nod to aContinue reading “Spelunking in the Mind of a Mess: Darin Latimer on his Deathless-ness”

2017 – An Interview with Artist Rine Boyer

I recently spoke with Chicago-based artist Rine Boyer about her work and her upcoming exhibition opening September 9th, 2017 entitled “People Watching”…. Let’s start by learning a bit more about how you got started as an artist. What were some of your early projects like? I’ve always wanted to be an artist – apparently sinceContinue reading “2017 – An Interview with Artist Rine Boyer”

2017 – An Interview with Beata Chrzanowska

After submitting work for Elephant Room Gallery’s BIG small Works Show, a 2016 group exhibition that featured 100 works of art under 30×30”, Kimberly Leja Atwood visited Beata Chrzanowska’s studio. Looking forward to working more with the artist, we followed up with an interview to get to know her and her work a little better… When didContinue reading “2017 – An Interview with Beata Chrzanowska”