2015 – Meditations on a Crisis

Jennifer Cronin is a Chicago based artist who’s practice utilizes psychologically charged and uncanny images. Her latest series continues to laden realistic imagery with hidden potentiality with portraits of foreclosed homes on Chicago’s south side. While the post 2008 foreclosure crisis seems to have slowed and even reversed in certain parts of the city, someContinue reading “2015 – Meditations on a Crisis”

2014 – Christie Chew-Wallace Paints Tough

Christie Chew-Wallace says of oil paint, “It is a tough paint, and I like to paint tough.” Her unabashed tenacity in personality translates through her work into starkly raw, vibrant abstraction that speaks to the unapologetic strength of the human spirit. Pieces like Anthropological Red reveal a complexity of content in the array of thickly layered jewel-tonedContinue reading “2014 – Christie Chew-Wallace Paints Tough”

2014 – Jason Karolak’s Neon Grids and the Chemistry of Opposites

Jason Karolak’s layered neon grids in aqua and fuchsia float in a stark, cosmic darkness, the artist exploring a tension between the containment of the form and the expanse of the subject’s atmosphere. Aside from the aesthetic engagement these pieces require of their reader, they inspire reflection on structure as a concept. Chemistry of oppositesContinue reading “2014 – Jason Karolak’s Neon Grids and the Chemistry of Opposites”

2014 – Insightful Talk with a Socially Conscious Chicago Artist

On June 7th, a group of us had the pleasure of hearing Rahmaan Statik speak about his artistry and his current exhibition, “Coltan”. The talk went on well past our scheduled time as the questions kept flowing while Statik passionately addressed his feelings on what it means to be an artist. Statik’s inspiration behind “Coltan”Continue reading “2014 – Insightful Talk with a Socially Conscious Chicago Artist”

2014 – The Man Behind the “Menagerie”

George Keaton is a Chicago-based artist working in a variety of painting mediums. His exhibition, “Menagerie”, is currently showing at Elephant Room through March 8th. George is a great representation of the artists we strive to exhibit. He is under-represented at the moment, but the potential for him to reach a wider audience is likelyContinue reading “2014 – The Man Behind the “Menagerie””