Interview with Darin Latimer

We asked Darin some questions ahead of his next solo exhibition opening, “SuperDeath Pt 1 (Let it Bleed)”…. How did you get involved with Elephant Room Gallery? I’ll try to do this in Bullet Points because it’s a little convoluted. In 2001 I wrote a screenplay entitled ‘Deathlessness’. It nearly, but did not quite, makeContinue reading “Interview with Darin Latimer”

Interview with TotesFerosh (Josh Epstein)

When did you start to consider yourself an artist or when did you know that you were on that path? I’ve always loved art and knew I would have some sort of art-related career. I went to college at an art school in Detroit and studied graphic design which I felt was a blend of artContinue reading “Interview with TotesFerosh (Josh Epstein)”

Interview with Delisha McKinney

1. What are your first memories of creating art?  I have memories as far back as being unborn. I can remember how I got my finger prints lol… from finger painting on the walls of my mother’s womb… and then carrying that same behavior to her apartment walls. 2. How has your work evolved overContinue reading “Interview with Delisha McKinney”

2017 – An Interview with Artist Rine Boyer

I recently spoke with Chicago-based artist Rine Boyer about her work and her upcoming exhibition opening September 9th, 2017 entitled “People Watching”…. Let’s start by learning a bit more about how you got started as an artist. What were some of your early projects like? I’ve always wanted to be an artist – apparently sinceContinue reading “2017 – An Interview with Artist Rine Boyer”