A Trove Tour to the Darin Latimer Degree

Darin Latimer invited me to his studio (which doubles as his home) so I could get a sense of the environment he creates in. I found that almost every single item in his home has a story behind it, a person associated to it, or a meaning he is happy to explain. I would point and he would speak.

Let’s start with the Robert Deniro trash cans, because this was a crowd favorite.

I’m taking a photo of the city scape from the incredible view out their living room window when Darin starts dragging something heavy across the floor.  

He said, “I got these because they reminded me of Robert Deniro and Joe Pesci.”

Okay, Darin is a seasoned script writer. But don’t lie to yourself, these do kind of look like Robert Deniro and Joe Pesci. Is it the rust?

Where did he find these? How did he take them home?

The answer is short, but there is a nondisclosure agreement in the Cool Artists Contract so you’ll have to ask Darin yourself.

He does share, however, a general tip on spelunking: “it always helps to have a willing friend there with you.” More body support to help get contraband to the car. To which his wife, Lina, remarks, “I was not willing.”

As part of the tour was the bathroom (obviously), where Darin showed me the most outdated library pass I’d ever seen, hanging proudly above the toilet tank.

Don’t be mistaken, he never stole. There is a method to his madness. “I would check the last checkout date of a book. If the most recent date was prior to my birth .. I took the book,” Darin says. Strategy. He simply preceded his time with the free library trend.

On that note–I scored a shot of the stack of books sitting next to Darin’s desk. If you’re like me, you wonder what books you have in common with your favorite artists.

After the rowdy tour of the bathroom and hauling the bins around, Latimer had to pop a squat. In his favorite chair, of course.

Is that a sock?!

Lina laughs. Darin says, “Why, yes, it is.”

“He’s had that chair so long, he’s worn out the arm rest on it multiple times,” Lina explains. “I’ve replaced it before, but they (the manufacturers) stopped producing arm rests for that type of chair.”

“We change the sock,” she says.

Darin takes a lean back in his chair and all four of us talk about life. Me, Darin, Lina, and the Famous Sock. Darin even lets me in on his signature black on black, dapper outfit.

“When it’s warmer out, I have a lighter jacket I switch to. The hat is all the time,” Darin says. Famous for his signature pose, the artist is photographed only with his back to the camera, while wearing a black coat with a black hat. He goes by @thewabashian on Instagram, where more photos in his signature pose can be found.

Look below for more photos of the visit.

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