“Witness: The Artist’s Response” Opening March 11th.

On Saturday, March 11 from 5:00-9:00 pm we will be hosting our opening reception for “Witness: The Artist’s Response”.  This show is a group exhibition of artwork relating to current political, cultural and social constructs. The gallery put out an open call and encouraged artists to submit work that personally responds to the present climate as it relates to the past, present or future.

“King in Me” by Brian Dovie Golden

We are living in an unprecedented time and with everything going on in the world, artists are consistently making work that will be the visual representation of our time. “Witness: The Artist’s Response” is a collection of works created by Chicago-based artists actively making work that bears witness to their personal interpretations on what we are all experiencing. The exhibition will include a variety of mediums and subject matter as it relates to the theme.

Here is a list of the artists that will be bearing “witness” through their artwork:

Robin Rios, Brian Dovie Golden, Mark Nelson, Anitra Frazier, Rachel Lechocki, Jennifer Cronin, Levi Yutuc, Adonte Clark, Sara Peak Convery, Kelli Anthony, Preston Jackson, Tyesha Moores, Christopher Wanklyn, Vernell Garrett, Tiffany Gholar, Kristin Cass, Michael Foster, Melissa Romeo, & Darrin Patton.

“Get Out of Our Heaven Now” by Kelli Anthony

With this exhibition, we want to provide a platform for artists to be heard and make a difference. This is why each artist has chosen a non-profit to pair up with and 10% of the sales of their artwork will be donated to that organization.  Some of the organizations that the artists have chosen include; Planned Parenthood, ACLU, National Museum of Mexican Art, March of Dimes, Kids Off the Block, C.O.R.A., #HashtagLunchbag, The Primo Center for Women and Children, and Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.

“Using The Master’s Tools” by Tiffany Gholar

The show will run from Saturday, March 11th until Saturday, April 1st. The gallery is located at 704 S Wabash Ave. in the South Loop of Chicago. Open hours are Wednesdays & Thursdays 1-5pm and Saturdays 11-5pm.


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