The Science of Walking Through Windows by Barry Dwyer

“The Science of Walking Through Windows”, a Solo Exhibition by Barry Dwyer 

Elephant Room Gallery is proud to present The Science of Walking Through Windows, a solo exhibition by Barry Dwyer. Dwyer is an emerging artist in the Chicago-land area who explores self-identity through his paintings, revealing both abstract and realistic elements.

There is a point where energy becomes form and imagination becomes reality. Throughout the years, self-taught artist Barry Dwyer has explored this place. Through various styles, mediums and personal life-altering events, Barry’s alter ego “moZus” has emerged from the unification of his various ideologies. “moZus” is the current result of this evolution in collaboration with himself. The Science of Walking Through Windows is a collection of that personal journey. Barry’s paintings contain elements of both chaos and calm. One can explore each section and find small revelations that come together to make up the piece in it’s entirety. The result is an intriguing collection of work that allow us into the thoughts of “moZus”.

“Conversation in Wonderland”

“I approached this body of work in complete honesty. Open and exposing all, the dance of the light and dark within myself became the undefined forming the defined, and the defined unraveling into the undefined. We can only be profoundly changed by dark events in life and I have chosen to name this changed version of myself “moZus”, and share the moments of this evolution in this body of work…The Science of Walking Through Windows.” – Dwyer

The Science of Walking Through Windows opens with a reception on Saturday, December 10th from 6:30 to 9:00pm at Elephant Room Gallery’s South Loop location at 704 S Wabash Ave. The exhibition runs through December 31st and open hours can be found on the gallery’s website:


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